Before my foray into this adventure we call gardening, rain seldom brought a smile to my face. But now, it’s power to refresh and invigorate my botanical charges has brought new-found appreciation for the full spectrum of Nature’s rhythms.

My tallest peas stand about six inches tall today

My tallest peas stand about six inches tall today

Today the rain came unexpectedly, following two lovely days of sunshine and warmth. Precipitation was not anticipated by our local weather forecasters and so was a surprise. Moments before its arrival, I could feel its chill and smell its coming in the breeze. And I was pleased to see the showers come with enthusiasm and heartiness. This was not an indecisive sprinkle. My growing charges would drink deeply today

And now, as I write this at noon, the clouds are parting, and we will likely go on to experience the sunny warmth that was first predicted. Even so, this lovely, rapturous rain blessed my garden today.